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If you're an event promoter or speaker and the back of the room sales from an event are a large part of your profits than you'll want to do everything possible to maximize your back of the room sales.

In this "tips" book Bret Ridgway of Speaker Fulfillment Services provides plenty of do's and don'ts that will help you achieve more success in every event you promote or speak at.   These are the best of the best tips compiled from handling back of the room sales at dozens of events over the last ten years.

Avoid those costly mistakes that can suck the profits right out of your event.  Order your copy of View from the Back: 101 Tips for Event Promoters Who Want to Dramatically Increase Back-of-the-Room Sales today for just $16.95.

Praise for View From the Back --

"This book, while a "must-read" for seminar promoters who plan to offer back-of-the-room buying opportunities for attendees, is also required reading for platform speakers. I've been speaking and selling from the platform for many years, and within just the first 10 pages, got valuable tips that will help my increase my back-of-the-room sales.

Very well-written (obviously from years of real-world experience) this easy-to-digest book of 101 tips delivers tactics that will definitely increase sales. I've purchased 100's of books from Amazon over the years - but this is only the second book I've felt compelled to write a review over. If you're a seminar promoter OR seminar speaker who sells, you must have this book in your library. Highly Recommended."

                                                                                      Jeff Gardner

"Believe me, the secrets Bret reveals in View From the Back will mean a difference in your bottom line.  Most new promoters drastically underestimate all the things than can cost or make you money - therefore they fail.  Anybody who is or who wants to do events should read this book.  A beginner who doesn't read this book 10 times is asking for an expensive lesson.  After all, at the end of the day - an event can make you a huge sum of money.  Do it ALL right."
                                                              Ted Ciuba

"After implementing just one tip - #31 - my back-of-the-room sales dollars increased 10%.  Thanks, Bret!"

                                                          Donna Fox

"In the very competitive market of Seminar Marketing, it becomes critically important to use any little 'trick-of-the-trade' to put more people in seats and run an effective and profitable event.  Bret Ridgway has created the greatest tips book in View From the Back for seminar promoters I've ever seen.  In fact, nothing else even comes close to the powerful, actionable tips contained in this insightful publication.

I've already found and begun using several of these tips to enhance the value of my own seminars and give my profits a quantum leap.  Bottom line: Bret's stuff works... and I've already seen it add thousands in extra profits.  My only regret is my competitors may soon have this book.  I pray my competitors never get their hands on it... it's just too good and dangerous in the wrong hands"

                                                                                      Michael Penland

"I first met Bret Ridgway at a table in the back of a room at an Internet marketing seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Now, my investment of less than $1000 in books, tapes and continuing education with Bret has since transformed to over 10,000 times that to increase and enhance my business and improve my family life.

Bret Ridgway and what he's learned over the years as the de facto standard back-of-the-room table where he sells continuing education for speakers and other events is my single most important contact in the seminar business.

Through his eyes I've met other speakers; through his contacts, I have made joint venture partnerships; and through his direction I will continue to grow my business because he sees what other people don't see.

Learn from this man.  Study what he teaches.  And know that when you're sitting in the back of the room, you're leading from behind and get to see what's happening at the event behind closed doors?

                                                                                          Alex Mandossian

View from the Back: 101 Tips for Event Promoters Who Want
to Dramatically Increase Back of the Room Sales
- $16.95

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